What is Onzite?

Onzite (noun): A modern approach to team collaboration suited for hybrid working. Involves purposeful in-person work sprints in unique settings, emphasizing productivity, effective teamwork, and concrete results.

Our story

Onzite was built on the notion that with the rise of hybrid, remote and dispersed teams, companies have a limited connection with their employees, leading to a lack of creativity, focus and ultimately a decrease in overall productivity.

The new normal for teams is freedom of movement, and we believe that teams can achieve amazing results in a short time frame when they are together, in person, whilst also experiencing different living and work environments away from home. Communal experiences build trust and connection amongst teams, spontaneity creates innovations and travel boosts health and wellbeing.

Founded by Oxford University EMBA alumni, Swiss based company Onzite was born. We provide premium villas combining co-living and co-working spaces across unique European destinations, freeing teams from distractions, sparking focus and promoting genuine human collaboration. Bringing teams together, elsewhere, to emerge stronger and more productive.

Our mission

To empower companies to develop a high performing work culture through an optimal hybrid work strategy, allowing teams to reach their full potential and enhance productivity.

What we do

The new normal for companies and teams is freedom of movement. We empower companies to redefine the way their teams work, offering Onzite as the primary hybrid work solution for their teams.

Our carefully designed corporate villas inspire creativity, productivity, and teamwork, by providing the comfort of a home while offering the convenience of a fully equipped office.

Team Sprints as a Service

Team Sprints as a Service

Conduct 3 day, 5 day or 7 day work sprints custom designed for your team.

Co-Living and Co-Working

Co-Living and Co-Working

Stay and work in premium locations fuelling productivity in a dynamic and refreshing environment.

Team Building and Engagement

Team Building and Engagement

Create a shared understanding of your team’s purpose, direction and priorities through purpose driven activities.

Innovation and Creativity

Innovation and Creativity

Take your team into a fresh and inspiring environment to unlock projects and achieve your goals faster and better.

Our partners

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